installing X-Wrt

The approach of OpenWrt(especially compared to DD-Wrt) is more like offering a basic system which can be highly customized, which is the approach I prefer. The standard web interface has limited functionality. X-Wrt is a seperate project that tries to provide a nice user interface, which nearly makes it unnecessary to use the shell, you can configure many things, install/remove packages,  traverse the file system, and you are able to e.g. analyze traffic trough same fancy graphs. And it is pretty easy to install, too. Making the shell obsolete is not my intention tough, as there are many things that can be done with the shell way easier than with some nice looking GUI.

There are different ways to install X-Wrt, I choose the one over ssh.

Connect to your router (note: routerIP being the IP of your router, e.g. ):

ssh root@routerIP

After that add a new source to your /etc/ipkg.conf:

echo “src X-Wrt” >> /etc/ipkg.conf

Now use ipkg to install the X-Wrt package:

ipkg install

This pretty much was it. After a reboot of your router, the Webif² should be display in your browser.(type in your router’s IP in the address bar of course)

the http daemon of OpenWrt doesn’t support a https connection. The root passwort will therefore be transmitted in plain text, which isn’t a clever idea when accessing your router over wlan.

A straightforward solution is:

ssh -L 5000:localhost:80 root@ being the router’s IP.

Now type in the browsers bar: localhost:5000

All information is now tunneled through ssh. Windows users can use Putty for this behavior.

Now go and enjoy your new graphs!



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