WRT54GL SD-Card Mod

Does your router lack some space, too? At least mine did, therefore I attached a SD-card, resulting in 1gig of new fancy space.  It’s a pretty easy mod if you have decent soldering skills. First what materials do you need?

  • up to 1 gig SD/MMC card
  • soldering rod, soldering tin, (soldering skills) and some isolated wire etc.
  • SD card socket
  • Router, for me it is a WRT54Gl v 1.1 from Linksys on which I run ddwrt.

The SD card socket is optional, the SD card can be soldered directly, but then it’s not that easy to exchange the card. My socket is from my old mp3 player, a other possibility is a SD card reader.

Opening the device is a hard task, all the advices on the internet didn’t work for me.

Push where you can see the red dots and then pull down the blue front cover. Maybe you need help from someone. For my the pushing method did not work, therefor I used a screwdriver to remove the front cover.

Now it comes to the soldering part. Where to solder which wires can be viewed on the next picture:

You will need the colors when soldering the socket, what is what you will be doing probably now:

Now solder the corresponding wires, the sixth and the third pin are both on ground and have to be connected. After that you might want to test if everything is working. I use ddwrt 2.4 where everything works just out of the box. First format the SD card, this can be done with the “mke2fs” command in Linux, you can do it with the router too, but thats way slower. The format will be ext2, don’t ask me how do achive this under Windows, you have to googlesearch that. Now just log into the Web GUI, click on “Administration”, and scroll down to “MMC/SD Card Support”.

The picture shows the correct settings. After a reboot go to the status tab. Your card should be listed under “Space Usage”, otherwise something didn’t work. The last step is making a slot in the casing. I made it with a drill. Here the final pictures:


http://www.hendlsofen.de/WRT54GL/deu/WRT54GL_SDMod.html (German)




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